Industrial Coating Excellence
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Special Coating

With over 60 years’ industry experience, AIS offers innovative, durable surface solutions for the discriminating owner, project engineer and contractor.

Take the guess work out of selecting and applying coatings with AIS’s simplified solution for every type of special coating application.

Advanced Industrial Services supplies an all-inclusive line of step-by-step coating solutions, making the selection of the correct coating solution even easier.  Engineered to produce superior results, AIS delivers numerous protective and textured options for a variety of uses.

Industrial Painting

Abrasive Blasting

At AIS we remove rust, scale, and paint faster. We carry a wide variety of abrasive blasting products, including blast cabinets, pressure blasters, soda blasters, portable spot blasters and all the equipment to keep them going. Folks often call us sandblasters, but you’re better off (and safer) using specialized media we carry… like copper slag, aluminum oxide, ground glass, glass bead, silicon carbide, and even walnut shells.

Lead Abatement

  • Any Structure
  • In-House Scafolding Erection with SIA (Scaffold Industry Association) Certification
  • In-House 100% Containment
  • Blast-Tox System Abrasive Blasting
  • Removal as a non-hazardous excludable recycable material
  • Coating

This process relieves the owner of hazardous waste liability by converting the lead waste into a excludable recycable material. This porvides the owner with a like-new lead free structure.

Blast Tracking

Blastrac systems are the preferred method for surface preparation used by AIS.  

We’ve been saving owners/contractors just like you both in time and money on jobs where our Blastic equipment has been utilized.
We offer more surface preparation technologies and expertise than any other contractor.

Water Jetting


Corrosion Metalizing

With AIS’s metalizing process, previous application problems when using old metalizing methods have been overcome. No matter what environment, our metalizing solutions deliver long-lasting protection with minimum trouble and expense.

Metalizing has been protecting steel for more than 30 years. Delivering an unmatched service life, metalizing provides a much lower lifecycle cost and an upfront project cost that is competitive with conventional coating.

Our process can be conducted on-site and is not just confined to blasting and spraying chambers. Our metalizing machines are compact and mobile, and designed for difficult-to-reach areas. The fast application rate of our equipment enables us to complete large area jobs within tight schedules.