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About Us

Mission Statement

Advanced Industrial Services’ goal is to work closely with Owners, Engineers and Architects to provide the best service and end product in the industrial and commercial coatings industry; to stay on the cutting edge of coatings technology and to inspire the utmost in customer loyalty.


Advanced Industrial Services, Inc. is the accumulation of over 50 years of experience in the commercial/industrial coatings industry. The company consists of three brothers who are using their knowledge of the industry to create a service company that is constantly looking to give the best service, while using the latest technology. Our ultimate goal is to meet the customers’ needs.

Our workforce is committed to safety as well as insuring the finest quality workmanship. Our dedication is always to the customer. We strive to make sure each project is done correctly and in a timely manner. We make sure to meet all areas and expectations of what our customers expect in a professional corporation.

Advanced Industrial Services, Inc. takes great pride in our work force and their knowledge and capability of performing their jobs with the utmost pride and dedication. The success in the field is due greatly to the training of these employees and their knowledge that a project should be conducted correctly, as well as safely, from its start to finish. We stay in contact through out the day with our superintendents and job foreman. This enables us to produce a solid working relationship with our employees and also helps to solve questions or concerns that may take place throughout the day. This contact also eliminates the chance of delays that could run into excessive costs for all.

These commitments are made possible through:
-Continually training with and emphasis on safety
-Employing the latest technology to the field
-Acknowledging and following specifications, discussing any inconsistencies and getting a clear idea of our customer’s needs.